944 Academy Place
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15243
August 27, 2005

Keith Mulvihill
917 Summer Place
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15243

Dear Keith:

As you know, I have publicly expressed my anger with the police for using a taser gun on Frank Caruso. I cannot understand why two young, well-trained policeman would shoot 50,000 volts into a small, 66 year old unarmed man. There are circumstances where a taser gun should be used but this was not one of them. This unwarranted incident has caused Frankís family considerable grief and anxiety.

I was further angered when I saw in the Post-Gazette that police Chief Ogden and Deputy Roach said that a taser gun doesnít hurt. Are they in touch with reality? Amnesty International reported that at least 70 people in the United States have died after being shot with tasers since 2001. Does Chief Ogden condone the use of tasers against harmless, elderly people because this power-lifter thinks they are harmless? Will he offer to demonstrate the harmlessness of a taser on one of his elderly relatives?

I am also outraged that Ogden mentioned a 2003 incident involving Mr. Caruso and the police. Charges were ultimately dropped, which means that Ogden used this earlier incident solely to smear Mr. Carusoís good name. I have known Mr. Caruso for over twenty years and hold him in the highest regard. It is not fair for the police to first stun him with a taser gun then attempt to tarnish his reputation.

Given Ogdenís comments in the Post-Gazette, Mr. Caruso should hire a top civil rights lawyer and turn this police department inside out. What are their guidelines for using a taser? Do they differentiate between armed and unarmed people? Do they consider age? Reputation? Do they understand that a taser is potentially lethal? Are they applying township laws equally and fairly to all residents?

Please let me know where I can learn more about the guidelines governing the use of taser guns by Mt. Lebanonís police force.

Robert J. Abraham