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Mt. Lebanon Taser Use Policy The municipality has so far been unwilling to release this document. This document should be accessible via the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law as a matter of intent of the original law if not the municipality's interpretation. Municipal Manager Steve Feller (412-343-3404 has reviewed the document and informed me that the taser use policy is a secret. He has released sketchy details that so far suggests that the policy does not cover many of the crucial details that many other communities have managed to cover without the secrecy. On the surface it sure looks as though an open policy equates to a superior policy and that a secret policy equates to elevated legal liability and perilous danger for vulnerable individuals.

A Grassroots Activist's Handbook

Amnesty International Report Amnesty International's concerns about deaths and ill-treatment involving police use of tasers

Tribune Review Reports on PA Deadly Force Rules From 3.04 USE OF FORCE CONTINUUM: "When responding to resistance in performance of duty, officers shall consider the totality of circumstances, including the level of subject resistance, escalate to the minimum amount of force necessary to control the situation, and de-escalate to the amount of force necessary to maintain control once the situation and subject are under officer control."

Taser Medical Review Read the paragraph at the bottom of page 15. Taser shocks are very painful as this document posted at Taser International's web site indicates.

Taser X26 manual

Taser M26 manual

Dataport Manual This document describes important information that is recorded each time the taser is fired. This data is accessible via a USB port and is username/password protected.