Do not be afraid to get involved. Mt. Lebanon officials will not get access to your registration information. Help prevent our children and senior citizens from being shot with a Taser!

There are three ways to get involved immediately. First, register here so that we may contact you about ending unnecessary secrecy - your email address will be kept private and will be used solely to contact you. We will notify you when we need you to call or write letters or email to various government officials. When this happens, we will explain what we want you to do in very simple terms. Second, educate yourself by reading some of the material made available through this site. Third, and most importantly, write to or call the commissioners and municipal manager.

Barbara Logan Ward 1 412-344-6691
John Daley Ward 2
David Humphreys Ward 3 412-561-6649
Dale Colby Ward 4 412-341-9473
Keith Mulvihill Ward 5 412-571-1183
Stephen M.

Contact your state representatives and request changes to support more openness in government. Cite the example of Mt Lebanon's secret taser policy. You can find contact information for your state representatives here.

Your registration information will not be sold to, shared with or given to anyone without your permission.