Pennsylvania is one of the worst state in the country when it comes to protecting the public's right to know what their government is doing. Decisions that affect the very wealth, health, safety and lives of every man, woman and child in Pennsylvania are way to often cloaked in a pernicious secrecy that eats away at the vibrancy of our democracy.

The situation in PA has been exploited by local governments to a degree that borders on the absurd. For instance, one of the rationalizations that Steve Feller, the Mt Lebanon Municipal Manager, cited for keeping the taser video and taser discharge time and duration secret is that the information was used in a criminal investigation and an internal investigation. What kind of reasoning is that? With that sort of legal game playing any local government merely needs to find some pretext for taking information that should be public and use it in an internal investigation. Voilą, the information no longer covered by the existing PA Right to Know Act.

We can make a difference. Help end the sort of outrageous secrecy that Mt Lebanon uses to abuse your rights. The public's right to know is vital to our democracy. If you are interested in helping to petition our state representatives to improve Pennsylvania's citizens' right to know, please register here.