What To Expect On A Traffic Stop!

Pull over to a safe location, either off the roadway, onto a side street and off the roadway, or into a parking lot.

Do not get out of your vehicle, unless otherwise directed by an officer.

The officer should identify herself or himself and explain her/his observed violation.

The officer will ask you for your driver's license, current vehicle registration, and proof of insurance with either an effective date or an expiration date listed on the card.

The officer may ask some questions, or begin a check on the information provided.  (Note: Police can check the validity of insurance or coverage dates in Pennsylvania.)

If all is well with the driver's license and vehicle registration, the officer may or may not issue a traffic citation.  If he/she does issue a citation and there are concerns about whether or not you are guilty, your recourse it to go to court.  In the courtroom forum, as the defendant you will be able to present your case and ask questions of the officer.  The Judge or Magistrate appointed by a Judge will make the final judgment to include fines or an attendant of a driver improvement course.

Of the other options available, depending on the violation, you can decide to take a driver's improvement course.

The last option is to plead guilty and take the points against your driver's license.  After three years, the points assessed to your license will be removed. (Note:  In Pennsylvania, a driver drops 3 points per 1 year as long as there are no more moving traffic violations during that 1 year. Also, a defendant has 10 days to respond to a traffic citation or his license can be suspended and a warrant may be issued for his or her arrest. )

At this time, once you have signed that you have received your yellow copy of the Uniform Traffic Citation, not that you're guilty, you are free to safely merge back into traffic.

A special thanks to a helpful PA Law Enforcement Officer for corrections specific to Pennsylvania law. Take care.

Please Remember, we are concerned with your safety, so please listen carefully to the directions of the officer!